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What are the most important things to keep in mind when getting skylights for your home

One of the most striking features that some houses have is a skylight. It can brighten up an otherwise gloomy room without using artificial light. It makes the room look sunny without consuming energy – a win-win situation where you achieve aesthetics and energy efficiency. However, skylights are not for everyone. It has its advantages, but it also has its challenges. So, before you research about Velux skylight cost online, it’s important to know everything about skylights first.


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Types of skylights

  • Manual – This type of skylight can be opened and closed manually to allow daylight and natural ventilation in. It may also come with a pre-installed screen to keep mosquitoes and flies away.
  • Solar – It features a solar panel that captures solar energy to recharge its battery. Perfect for utilising all that sunshine while enjoying natural light. A solar types of Velux skylight cost more but also do more.
  • Fixed – This type is a heavy-duty skylight with laminated glazing unit and all-metal exterior frame. It cannot be opened, so it gives the roof a lower profile while blocking heat build-up and UV rays.
  • Sun tunnel – This type of skylight is composed of a small dome that captures sunlight and transmits it through a tube to light up a room. It is most suited in roof spaces with minimal obstructions. Sun tunnels under the brand Velux skylight cost less than regular skylights.
  • Roof window – For attics and lofts that are dark and musty, a roof window is the perfect solution. It’s durable aluminium capping provides natural ventilation and light to a small space.

The benefits of using skylights

Studies have shown that people staying in rooms with natural light have a happier disposition compared to people staying in dark rooms with artificial light. Therefore, skylights are good for your health and mental well-being, and that’s enough reason to buy skylight windows.

Skylights also provide natural lighting without using up electricity. This is perfect for the rainy or winter season when the sun isn’t shining bright. During summer, it will also make a space look fresher and more alive. And, with the creation of solar panel skylights, you can store all that solar energy during the day.

Speaking of the rainy or winter season, installing a skylight in your home also doubles as a free heating system. The transparent skylight allows solar heat, albeit minimal, enter the room and provide heat during colder days. Fortunately, you can buy Velux windows online, so you can have it installed without having to step out of your house. See more here Velux skylight cost

How to get the most out of skylights

Since a skylight constantly allows heat and light into a room, it will also take up more power to cool that same room. Fortunately, there are skylight blinds that can be installed to cover the skylight whenever the air conditioner is on.

Another challenge of installing a skylight is that the area where it is installed creates moisture and causes roof leaks. Thus, you have to consult a roofing or skylight-installer company to see if your house is ideal for installing one.

Installing skylights can be tricky. However, there are easy solutions to them. Of course, you can always seek the help of experts to do it for you.

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