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How your business benefits from hiring a professional business service

In terms of customer trust, print ads remain the most trusted according to a survey conducted by Marketing Sherpa with 82% of rating.

This means the products and services offered on the website remains a powerful marketing tool.

Of course, to get the most out of business cards, banners & posters, flyers & brochures, postcards, and the like, there are additional strategies you must employ.

How to create print ads that convert

The secret is in adding features that evoke an emotional reaction from your target market. While design and print have an impact, as you can see on the homepage of, there are other features that make a print ad more powerful.

What are those? 

A strong headline and CTA (call-to-action)

Take a good look at your copy and see if the headline conveys the right message. Is it clear and concise?

Does it tell your prospects what they need to do next and what they stand to benefit if they take action?

Emotional benefits 

It all starts with really knowing and understanding your audience? Do they buy your products out of admiration and success or fear of failure or being outsmarted by the competition?

It’s important that you provide them with emotional benefits in every print material you roll out.

Resonance with the audience 

Are you selling something new to your target market? You might want to keep jargon and industry lingo from your copy so it’s easier to digest and appreciate.

Are you appealing to the C-level audience? Your print ad must have the headline, images, layout, typeface, and copy that grabs attention and communicates the benefits of your products and services.

Simply put, your marketing material must speak to your target audience.

Enough details

Don’t dump all the information about your brand or business into a single ad. Just give enough details to whet your market’s appetite and they’re guaranteed to contact you.

No matter how short the copy is it must grab attention and identify the problem that your prospects are experiencing.

Here’s a source that will take you to printing resources that you can use as a reference.

Competitive and compelling characteristics

Every day, the average American is bombarded by more than a thousand messages, with print publication competing more for people’s attention than other materials.

To stand out, you must consider all other advertising tools as a competitor and find ways to beat the noise they’re making.


It only takes one misspelling or typo to ruin an entire copy. It also sends a message of unprofessionalism or a lack of quality care. How can you convince prospects that what you’re selling is the better choice when your proofreading effort is poor?

So make sure that your print ad is legible, error-free, grammatically correct, coherent, and highlights the most important details, such as your contact information, email address, and website URL.

To ensure your copy will generate leads, provide…

  • A phone number that leads to a sales or customer care representative.
  • A URL that opens to a unique landing page.
  • An email address that is spam-protected.

Now that you know what makes a compelling copy, time to apply it on your next print ad. Let DFW Printing Company provide you with the materials you need. Visit for more details.

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