Thursday, April 9

Give Your Sculptures a Touch of Steel

When it comes to decorating, interior designers consider a number of artworks that include sculpture. The beauty lies in their ability to bring life into a place despite their still life nature. When thinking sculpture and art work, you think of durability, class and history. If there is one such combination, then you won’t be able to find anything better than metal art.

Metal Art

Artists have discovered the power behind the malleability of steel. With its shiny nature and strength, steel has been used to produce some really outstanding sculpture pieces around the globe. Throughout the world, metal art is slowly getting its foothold in many industries. Examples of metal Artworks by renowned artists include

  1. La Gran Vitesse by Alexander Calder

This work of art is considered as one of the best metal art steel sculptures. Coated with a tinge of bright red, this has the ability to be noticeable in open space. This 43 feet tall work of art stands high in the City Hall of Grand Rapids in Michigan.

  1. Wind Comb by Eduardo Chillida

Standing out as one of the most iconic works in the city of San Sebastian, Mount Igledo to be precise, this is a beauty to behold. This forms a metal work assembled on the rocks that stands facing the sea offering a fine shot between art and nature.

  1. Worker and Kolkhoz Woman by Vera Mukhima

The 24.5 meters tall art standing in Moscow cannot go without mention. This stainless steel piece was originally made for the grand fair in 1937 held in Paris but has recently been moved to Moscow.

  1. The Large Arc by Henry Moores

Located in Library plaza in Columbus, this is considered as one of the greatest piece of metal work of the 20th century. Its green colour and size has made it attractive and irresistible. Moreover the fact that you can run through it makes children love being around it.

  1. Odalisque by Anthony Caro

This is seen as the artist’s shift from materials such as bronze to more solid steel. From the front it is characterised by sharp edges while from the back you see round shaped edges.

  1. Maternity by Julio González

This clearly brings out his idea of drawing in space. The inclusion of iron rods gives it a nice structural openness. This piece of art that combines steel and stone was made in 1934.

  1. Chicago Picasso by Pablo Picasso

This piece of art that stands in Dalay plaza Chicago was dedicated in 1967. Its jungle gym character is one unique thing that makes it stand out. Visitors mostly like climbing and sliding on it.

Metal works of Art that you can purchase

Made by artists who have been in the industry for a long time, each comes unique according to your taste. The fact that they originate from Bali is just an icing on the cake. These include wall metal art, outdoor metal art, and metal sculptures among others.

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