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6 signs that your roller shutter door already needs repairs

When you speak with any roller shutter door professional, like the ones at, you will get the idea that modern commercial and industrial doors are already made with quality materials. This means that these doors will be highly functional and can last much longer than older designs.

However, like any other part of a building, these doors will also see wear and tear over time. The time will come that they will show some problems, which require the services of professionals. While some of these problems would not seem serious, it is a big mistake to ignore them. As you can see, the sooner you fix them, you keep your doors from getting damaged beyond repair.

Here are signs that your roller shutter door already needs professional servicing or repairs as soon as possible.

1. Difficult to operate

If you have noticed that your door is not that easy to operate anymore, then you should have it inspected. While you might think that it is just a small problem, it can get worse over time. Your door may even become very difficult to operate that it affects the flow of your operations.

2. Damaged due to an attempted break-in

When burglars try to break into your facility, they would test your shutter for weaknesses. In the process, some components will be compromised.

So, if the break-in is not successful, you should still have your door checked by a professional. This way, any damage done will be fixed, ensuring your door is still providing your facility utmost safety.

3. Unusual sounds when operating

Any roller shutter door professional, such as those at, will also tell you that modern commercial and industrial doors are relatively quiet. So, if your shutter starts making weird noises while operating, such as rattling and squeaking, have them checked right away. These sounds are surely a sign of a problem.

4. Stopping and stuck-ups

If your door stops all of a sudden, then it could be having some mechanical issues or could be worn out. With extensive knowledge, roller shutter door technicians can get into the bottom of the problem and get your door in proper working order again.

5. Leaks

Modern roller shutter doors have good insulation properties. They are designed to help keep the indoor temperature of your facility at the right levels.

When you notice a draft coming in or out of the sides or the crevices of your door, it might mean that its insulation is already worn out.

6. Structural damage has become visible

Of course, the most obvious sign that your roller shutter door needs repairs is that it has structural damage, like bends, dents, and corrosion. These things not only destroy its aesthetics, but also impair its strength and functionality.

Fix your roller shutter door with the help of Integrity Door Services

There you have it—if you see these signs, do not procrastinate and have your roller shutter door serviced or repaired right away. However, to ensure your door is fixed and restored back to its top shape, you should contact a company that most businesses trust in repairing commercial or industrial doors.

On that note, you can check out Integrity Door Services. They have been in the industry for a long time, manufacture parts for all brands, and can repair any type of door you have in your facility.

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