Thursday, April 9

4 Sign Ideas That Can Attract Customers

While online advertising is changing the world of commerce, physical signs are still important. Signs, like the ones made by, can still attract customers and boost business and a well-designed sign can be a vital asset for an enterprise.

We’ll go through some design ideas for signs that will help attract customers.

Effective Sign Ideas for Attracting Customers

According to a survey that was commissioned by  FedEx Office, more than half of owners of small businesses find signs within their establishments to be effective when it comes to drawing customers. The same survey showed that 64% of younger business owners find creativity in signs to be more important. On the other hand, older owners prefer simpler designs.

Whether you prefer visually attractive signs or simpler ones, here are some design ideas which you might want to consider when designing signs:

  1.       Use Compelling Colors

The colour of a sign can say a great deal about the brand or a company. Think of the most well-known business signs and logos. You associate those signs with specific colours and that’s how powerful colours can be.

There’s a scientific reason for that. Research has shown that 80% of trademark recognition is because of colours.

You must be careful when picking colours and not just give in to what’s trendy. Think about the longevity of the colour that you will be picking.

  1.       Make it Readable

It’s not enough that a sign is attractive. After drawing the attention of people, they should be able to read the sign. For that to happen you must consider the contrast of the sign.

Most signs have text and logos on the foreground and continuous background colour. The contrast between those should just be right for the text to be readable even from a distance but at the same time, it should not be too glaring so that the reader can retain the information.

Determining the right contrast for signs takes skill and experience, something that a professional sign company like specializes in.

  1.       Pick the Right Size

The bigger the letters of a sign, the easier it would be too read. But you must think about where to place the logo and other elements. This is even more important for outdoor signages that are supposed to be read from a great distance.

The usual rule followed by professional sign makers is to have 1 inch of letter height for every 10 feet of reading distance. So, if you want your sign to be readable from 50 feet away, the letters should be 5 inches in height.

  1.       Make it Simple

As they say, less is more. A simple design would be easier to process for readers. Also, if your sign is easy to process, the audience will perceive your brand to be truthful.

Making effective signs that can really draw in your customers is a science. It takes time and effort to learn it properly. If you need professional help when it comes to creating signs that can really draw in customers, check out what can do for you. They have national and international clients who are satisfied with the service they deliver.